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Since 1959, our mission is to be the preferred choice of construction in our area. To provide the very best service and quality workmanship for our customers. To complete our projects in a timely, cost effective and professional manner. To provide a safe and secure work environment for our employees. 


"The company is a consistent supplier of high-quality products with a commitment to deliver on time, as needed."

- Jim Reger, Former President of PJ Keating.

"Boucher Construction Corporation does great work and they take pride in what they do," 

- Patrick LaPointe, Former Director of the Department of Public Works for Leominster, MA. 


"They were in and out of this massive job in Worcester, but they always found time for us as well." 

- Father Peter Connelly of Saint Benedict Abbey.

"From first engaging Boucher to remove snow piles in the 1980's, to literally moving mountains in the 1990's and currently designing and constructing a sophisticated mixed-use project, we have found that no challenge is too complex or too large for Boucher,"

-Paul DiGeronimo, Principal Developer of Geronimo Properties. 

BC Corp.
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